Your challenge

The acquisition and maintenance of a private aircraft is a complex subject and the initial setup of tax and legal structures plays a key role.

Compliance needs
Industry regulations and safety standards need to be adhered to, which can be difficult and time consuming without expert knowledge.

Aircraft management
Self-management of an aircraft can become problematic as sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know, thus expert knowledge is essential.

Our Solution

KENDRISfly is a turnkey aviation management solution and our holistic approach: the combination of the strengths of KENDRIS’s know-how in tax, legal and asset structuring with industry expertise of aviation professionals specialising in aircraft acquisition, operation and maintenance, makes us your perfect partner in all aspects of owning and operating an aircraft.

Our unique one-stop-shop approach

We are the preferred partner with a unique one-stop-shop approach which provides flexibility, transparency, minimises the number of intermediaries involved and allows direct communication.

Ultimately this means complete cost control and efficiency for the entire lifecycle of owning a private aircraft.

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Our Services

Selection and sourcing: Making smart choices

  • Identifying, defining and optimising the transportation needs of the buyer
  • Benchmarking of aircraft types, lifecycle cost calculation and optimisation
  • Studying alternative offerings (charter etc.) for an optimal solution

Setup, management and administration of the owner entity

  • Initial assessment and identification of a suitable jurisdiction for the owner entity
  • Setup and registration of the owner entity in the respective jurisdiction
  • Compliance with fiscal, legal and aviation industry regulations
  • Management of the owner entity by professionals with expertise in aviation transactions
  • Administration of the owner entity, including day-to-day business operations, tax, legal, accounting and regulatory compliance
  • Easy and efficient digital solutions

Transaction management: Buying right

  • Valuation of the target aircraft, negotiation of commercial terms
  • Defending the buyer’s interests in the commercial process and during the technical inspection
  • Centralised project management: handling the tax, legal and VAT aspects as well as registration, importation and operation of the aircraft

Operational management: Service quality & efficiency

  • Assessment, selection and setup of the operational platform/structure
  • Operational supervision; financial supervision, cash flow management, safety and quality oversight
  • Defending the owner’s interests in case of conflict with the operator

Value retention and resale

  • Advice on key value parameters, upgrades, refurbishment etc.
  • Identifying the right time to sell in conjunction with the owner’s strategy
  • Aircraft valuation, resale strategy, sale negotiation and transaction management

Turnkey Service

We offer a turnkey service along the whole lifecycle of owning private aircraft


Avoid malpractices and maintain cost control

Streamline communication through one trusted advisor

Avoid operator’s and broker’s conflicts of interest

Enjoy your private aircraft with peace of mind

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About Us

KENDRIS Ltd. is the leading independent provider of family office, trust and fiduciary services, national and international tax and legal advice, art management as well as accounting and outsourcing services for private and corporate clients.

AIRPLANS is the go-to specialist for private aviation with a proven track record in the acquisition, operation, maintenance and resale of aircraft.

Our long-term and successful cooperation on aviation matters led to the establishment of the KENDRISfly brand.

The Team

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please reach out to:

Olga Tcacenco
Director at KENDRIS
Head of Private Aviation

T. +41 58 450 58 73

Raphael Cica
Partner at KENDRIS
Head Tax & Legal

T. +41 58 450 51 18

Laurent Eugene
Private Aviation Expert
Aircraft Acquisition / Valuation

T. +41 79 101 23 80

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