Private Aviation Advisors

About KENDRISfly

KENDRISfly is a part of KENDRIS Group based in Switzerland with proven expertise in private aviation. KENDRISfly acts as a trusted advisor and offers technical, legal and administrative support to private aircraft owners, operators, corporations, financial institutions and family offices.

Our services comprise A-to-Z professional management of private aircrafts, from acquisition, legal and operational set-up to resale.

A dedicated team of experts and professional directors offers a hard-to-find combination of technical expertise, aircraft ownership structuring, tax, legal and regulatory aspects.

Our team brings in private aviation management expertise through the entire lifecycle of private aircraft ownership:

Benefit from

  • structuring and legal advice for your aircraft ownership structure
  • integrated multidisciplinary teams for efficient transactions
  • true aviation expertise and scrutiny
  • aircraft sourcing and transaction management capabilities
  • operation supervision expertise and a network of experts to support your day-to-day experience running private aviation management on autopilot.

We are here to help.