Private Aviation Services

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Aircraft selection and sourcing: making smart choices

  • Identifying the transportation needs of the buyer

  • Benchmarking of aircraft types, lifecycle cost calculation and optimisation

  • Studying alternative offerings (charter, etc.) for an optimal solution

Set-up, management and administration of the aircraft owner entity

  • Initial assessment and identification of a suitable jurisdiction, for the owner entity, set-up and registration

  • Compliance with fiscal, legal and aviation industry regulations

  • Management of the owner entity by a professional board of directors with expertise in aviation transactions in different parts of the world

  • Administration of the owner entity, including day-to-day business operations, tax, legal, accounting and regulatory compliance

  • Easy and cost-efficient digital solutions

Transaction management: buying right

  • Valuation of the target aircraft, negotiation of commercial terms

  • Defending the buyer’s interests in the commercial process and during the technical inspection

  • Centralised project management: handling tax, legal and VAT aspects relating to registration and importation of the aircraft

Aircraft Escrow Services

  • Escrow services in Europe in cooperation with a reputable Swiss bank.

Operational management: service quality & efficiency

  • Assessment, selection and set-up of the operational platform/structure

  • Operational supervision, financial supervision, cash-flow management

  • Safety and quality oversight

  • Defending the owner’s interests in case of conflict with the operator

Value retention and resale

  • Advice on key value parameters, upgrades, refurbishment, etc.

  • Identifying the right time to sell aligned with the owner’s strategy

  • Aircraft valuation, resale strategy, sale negotiation and transaction management

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